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What you see on these pages are the New Pro Versions - of ShareMe Pro and ShareMe Pro Compact, and TweetBoard The free versions do not have the FB Like button, the button and the StumbleUpon button. ( that's a major difference between the Two versions ) also no new button Counters will be added in the Free Versions. Go Pro for $10 , buy a Subscription For Life. ShareMe Pro for ZOO has just been released ! Its a native ZOO element that you can add you any of your ZOO Apps.

Currently ShareMe Pro Series supports Twitter, FB Like, Google Buzz, Fb Share and LinkedIn, the Digg button is currently being tested right here ! . Get ShareMe PRO and ShareMe Compact PRO  for an Introductory $10 for LIFE !

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ShareMe Content Plugin

ShareMe Plugin Following on the success of our Tweetme plugin for Joomla and also from feedback received from our members, we decided to develop a plugin specifically to combine Facebook Share abd Tweetmeme into one awsome Joomla Content plugin. We choose the name ShareMe for this new plugin, that is similar in functionality to the Facebook and Tweetmeme share and count buttons that can be seeen on popular sites like Mashable .ShareMe is a combination of our popular TweetMe plugin and Facebook Share and now also Google Buzz. We received many requests from the users of TweetMe to integrate FaceBook Share and then Google Buzz, and here it is. ShareMe will allow your sites visitors to easily share your sites content with their followers and the rest of the users of Facebook, Google Buzz and Twitter.


Twitter FollowMe Module

Twitter Follow Me

This Twitter Followme module was inspired by the many Tweetme modules and plugins for the more popular CMS out there. You are sure to catch your visitors attention with the Pagepeel effect icons. What makes Followme different is that its lightweight and valid Html and CSS. Keeping this in mind there are only two included images that can be selected in the parameters and you can also select your own by entering the Full path to the icon you want to use. You can easily control the positioning of the icons through the modules parameters and some css tweaks if necessary. I reccommend publishing this module to your templates absulute module position. Coming up in the next version will be some slick css styling being added to the bird by making it interactive.